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Stage 1: QR may be 2D, but shades of gray reveal another dimension.
Stage 1: You'll need a Portkey to get to the intended destination.
Stage 2: Your wand contains Special Techniques in Light which will lead you forward in time.
Stage 1: A passport helps you leave, a VPN helps you tunnel.
Stage 2: Revealing your next step is a matter of perspective. Even the smallest glints illuminate your path.
Stage 2: Numbers can be letters when dialed correctly. Use both to send your message.
Stage 3: You’ve been messaged how to use your wand… peer through the cloud to find your way to Hogwarts Dormitory.
Stage 3: The stairs are shifting in and out by some magical design. The GrandStaircase will show you the way.
Stage 3: EC2 described instances visualize the staircase, and the Renervate spells (and reversals) they’re under… bring order to them and you’ll have the answer. Use time to your advantage.
Stage 3: The code word requires a reordering of the states based on the GrandStaircase. After a full quarter hour of course.
Stage 3: You’ve likely found the pattern, but the ”hex” we tagged on the GrandStaircase will help you with the order.
AWAKEN!!! We’re hanging next to our yellow Hufflepuff poster if you’d like to connect. Maybe get some guidance…
Stage 3: Tags help you bring order, but the code word is in other basic information.
Stage 3: Have you looked about your EC2 dashboard for the codeword?
Stage 3: Seeing 8 instances being on or off should remind you of something, one bit at a time.
Stage 3: Use the encoded word from the states as your divination, with the Horcrux of “lily” and incantation of “incineration”, to get the real stage codeword!
Stage 3: sooo… we may have a snag in our script. Prove to us it failed for you with the right 8-character phrase from the states, and you will get credit!