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1: FIRST CLUE TO START THE GAME: JARVIS has finished constructing your mask. Go pick it up.
2: Stage 1: Tony Shmark and Iron Man are one in the same, just look in the mirror.
3: Stage 1: Position yourself with a confident smirk to summon your mask.
4: BONUS STAGE: We have your back, but do you have ours?
5: Stage 2: Before there were files, there was the disc itself.
6: Stage 2: Before there were files, thStage 3: The codeword and clue are not hidden the same way.
7: Stage 3: If you found the clue, then you found the error. Fix the error to find the code.
8: Stage 4: Why fi whEn you can jusT modulAte?
9: Stage 5: Silence is golden. Just need to read between the lines....
10: Stage 5: We do not care about your privacy.