SHMOOGANOGRAPHY - Score Board - Hints - Archive - ShmooCon

1: Stage 1: Follow Planeshacker... You have spent enough time comparing our ďcards.Ē Lets turn them over and start the game. (Just donít take them.)
2: Stage 2: You will need to play your obscure agents card.
3: Stage 1: Our cards (the ones we brought) reveal more magic (hint-hint) from a different perspective.
4: Stage 2: Each browser renders content differently. (But Edge sux so donít use that. No really... donít use Edge.)
5: Stage 2: Some usersí agents donít show pictures.
6: Stage 2: Browse through all the Links, like Vivaldiís four seasons....
7: Stage 4: Yes, the Tardis really is bigger on the inside.
8: Stage 5: Take the battle to the waves... itís world war Z!