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Stage 1: Some messages have
Stage 1: Thereís Joker the villain, and Joker the card. While the Joker was dealt a bad hand in life, who made the cards in his hand?
Stage 2: The Capitol has been busy lately, and the lights have flickered on and off. To help Batman, you need to illuminate the truth in our posters.
Stage 3: Penguin wants to drag you into the gutter: defeat him by looking deeper into his message.
Stage 3: Donít guess and embarrass yourself. Nobody likes a loser. Some people read between the lines. Others read between the letters.
Stage 1: donít bang your head against the wall too hard... this no-tech stage only requires your brain to tease out the Codeword. Then / your way to Stage 2 with the clue from the cards in your hand.
Stage 5: The capital offsets face-to-face communications in DC. If you want to be a shmoo-illionaire ($1M shmoo-dollars worth $500US), use your life-line, no dots required.
Stage 5: Ring ring... Sorry, canít talk right now...
Stage 5: Granny has complained to the Mayor due to some wrong numbers. Hereís some digits: ‭9167135123‬
Stage 5: LEGO Batman needs to be disassembled to hear Riddlerís secret.
Stage 5: thankfully the Riddler just uses off the shelf tools Ė donít let him outsmart you.