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STAGE 1: Barcodes? Where weíre going we donít need barcodes.
STAGE 1: Doc has a theory... what happens when you overlap two planes of time?
STAGE 2: The flux capacitor is charged up in the DeLorean... let's stretch it to its limits!
STAGE 2: Donít let your window limit your view of the future with time travel... make it bigger and behold!
STAGE 3: Traveling through the time-space continuum can be tricky. Be careful or your built-in bit error control will malfunction. Your existence is at stake!
STAGE 1: Left + right... mind = blown!
STAGE 3: Fire alarm?! Whatís wrong, ShmooFly. XOR ya chicken?
STAGE 4: Order your ticket for the future, though your destination time is not visible.
STAGE 4: The ticket is to trace Martyís commitments over time to get a clue. Tabs and spaces also serve as-keys.
STAGE 3: PNG XOR 0xFF = [PNG [???]]
STAGE 4: Timestamps arenít always human readable... how epoch! Each commit brings a new change, though.
STAGE 5: We committed some direction in your Ďdeloreaní
STAGE 5: The Kiss of Death is Not Too Pretty